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Sana Behavioral Hospital

Sound Mind. Sound Body.

Providing Patient Centered Health Care.


Sana Behavioral Hospitals provide in-patient psychiatric care to aging adults. We provide a wide range of services and programs proven to have positive outcomes for our patients.


Because of the age of our patients, many suffer from medical conditions in addition to behavioral challenges. Co-morbidities like high blood pressure, cardiac conditions, diabetes, infections and numerous other health maladies impact our patients.

Unlike other facilities that treat only psychiatric symptoms, our excellent staff of highly trained professionals take care of both behavioral and medical issues. Each hospital has physicians, nurse practitioners and staff, capable of handling both. Board certified Physicians trained in psychiatric and internal medicine work together to insure the best possible outcomes.


Sana provides care to patients experiencing:

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Self-harming behavior

  • Hallucinations

  • Difficulty functioning due to mood

  • Dementia with sudden change in mood or behavior

  • Co-occurring mood and substance abuse disorders

  • Unsuccessful out patient psychiatric treatment

  • Severe Depression

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