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Many of those who are living with substance addiction have a mental health condition that is either undiagnosed or not properly managed. We offer psychological and psychiatric services in combination with addiction treatment to enhance outcomes for our clients.

What are Psychological and Psychiatric Services for Addiction?

Psychological and psychiatric services that are integrated with addiction treatment address underlying mental health issues that lend to the tendency to rely on drugs and alcohol. People who are living with bipolar disorder [LINK], anxiety [LINK], ADHD [LINK] and other conditions may use substances to alleviate the symptoms of the mental health issue and to feel as if they fit in with society. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to identify mental health problems and provide interventions that help people in recovery better manage the symptoms and behaviors.

Why Psychological and Psychiatric Services for Addiction Important?

Dual diagnosis treatment is one of the most beneficial advances in addiction recovery. At one time, substance use was viewed as a personal choice, and addiction was an isolated disease. Recognizing that mental health conditions contribute to a tendency for addiction gives counselors and the medical community new tools to help those living with substance use issues.

What Do Psychological and Psychiatric Services for Addiction Involve?

When you first enter treatment at our facility, you will meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist for a mental health evaluation. This helps us to understand any underlying issues that may motivate you to use drugs and alcohol. Not everyone has a clinical mental health condition, but many do develop mental health problems during their addictions.

Once we understand your dual diagnosis, we use this information as the foundation for an individualized treatment plan. The plan includes the services that are best suited for you, as well as the length of your treatment. We may also recommend transitional and outpatient care after you leave residential treatment.

How Do I Know If I Need Psychological and Psychiatric Services for Addiction?

Mental health disorders make many people feel isolated, alone and unable to control their behaviors. Working with one of our psychologists or psychiatrists gives you valuable insight about addiction and how your mental health condition influences your substance use.

Psychologists and psychiatrists who work in the field of addiction recovery are uniquely qualified to help substance users achieve long-term sobriety. To learn more about our dual diagnosis treatments, contact us today to speak with an addiction counselor and schedule an assessment.

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