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Sana Behavioral Hospital offers
 patient centered treatment.

Behavioral Health Services


Structured 24 hour care

Sana Behavioral Hospital provides a 24 hour a day structured interdisciplinary treatment program that places the patients at the center of care. Patients receive care from our board certified psychiatrists and internal medicine physicians as they participate in extensive group and individual therapy sessions each day.

Our patients also experience relaxation sessions and regular fresh air breaks outside on our secure patios.  Our services include physical therapy at Sana, interactive therapeutic activities, and medication training. When our patients are ready for discharge, our licensed clinical social workers are here to help our patients transition to safe long term environments where they can continue to heal. 

Effective Treatment Program

Our care program combines the following elements into an intimate and effective treatment program to help our patients experience fuller lives after treatment. 

  • Our care program provides a safe environment

  • A structured and supportive social environment

  • Medical assessment and plan of care

  • Intensive psychiatric and psychological therapeutic intervention.


Healing Environment


  • Artistic & inviting environment

  • 24 Bed facility

  • Secure Patio

  • Dining Room

  • Television Room