Is My Addiction Physical or Psychological?

Depressed mature woman lying in bed overing head with pillow in top view Addiction is a very complex issue that affects people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It can result from a variety of factors, such as genetic predisposition, environment, mental health issues, and drug or alcohol use. Addiction can have profound impacts on an individual’s life and the lives of family and friends around them. However, knowing the type of addiction can be helpful in moving forward with treatment from a board-certified psychiatrist at Sana Behavioral Health of Las Vegas, NV. The two types of addiction are physical addiction and psychological addiction.

Is My Addiction Physical or Psychological? How Do I Know?

The answer to this particular question depends greatly on the type of addiction you are dealing with. Physical addictions are usually related to substances or activities that result in a physical reaction or dependence, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or engaging in gambling. Psychological addictions involve behaviors like compulsive shopping, obsessive gaming, and other forms of behavior that can become psychologically addictive as a person seeks out an ever-increasing reward from their activity. In both cases, professional help is often necessary in order to break the addiction cycle and get back on track. The doctors at Sana Behavioral Health of Las Vegas, NV, can assist.

What Treatment Options May Be Used if I Have an Addiction?

Treatment for addiction typically includes counseling and support to help individuals learn new skills to cope with cravings and triggers, establish healthy relationships with others, rebuild their self-esteem, gain knowledge about addiction and its effects on their life, and develop relapse prevention strategies. The treatment process is often long-term and may require multiple approaches in order to find success. Recovering from addiction is difficult but possible with proper education, support systems, and ongoing commitment from the patient.

Schedule a Consultation Visit and Evaluation With Our Team at Sana Behavioral Health

To learn more about identifying whether your particular addiction is physical or psychological, it is time to consult with a medical professional who can assess the situation and provide guidance for the best possible outcome and long-lasting recovery. At Sana Behavioral Health of Las Vegas, NV, Drs. Daniel Park, Syed Hussain, and Reza Goravanchi can evaluate you to determine if you could benefit from services at their practice. They specialize in mental and behavioral health services for patients 45 and older in and around the local community.

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