What Should I Expect During Detoxification?

Whiskey bottle and glass with a depressed man in the background Addiction complicates many aspects of one’s life and can become all-consuming for some. It can cause them to lose housing, careers, friends, and family. With the help of our team at Sana Behavioral Health of Las Vegas, NV, patients over the age of 45 can combat their addiction with medical guidance from a board-certified psychiatrist. Drs. Daniel Park, Syed Hussain, and Reza Goravanchi are committed to ensuring everyone who needs mental and behavioral health services have access to them and have the opportunity to overcome their addiction with the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals.

What Is the First Step for Treating Addiction?

The initial step needed to start addressing addiction is detoxification. Detoxification from addiction is a process of gradually reducing and eliminating substance use, allowing the body time to adjust both mentally and physically.

What Should I Expect During Detoxification From Addiction?

Detoxification usually begins with withdrawal, which can involve uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

During detoxification, your doctor may prescribe certain medications to help ease these symptoms and make the process more comfortable. After the withdrawal has been successfully managed, your doctor at Sana Behavioral Health of Las Vegas, NV, may also provide counseling sessions and therapy to help you address the emotional aspects of your addiction and provide you with strategies for avoiding relapse in the future. The duration of detoxification from addiction varies depending on how long an individual has been using substances and any co-occurring health concerns that may be working against them. This can be discussed upon admittance into our addiction programs.

Why choose Sana Behavioral Health?

At Sana Behavioral Health, our providers are extremely experienced in helping the aging population with mental and behavioral health concerns. Drs. Daniel Park, Syed Hussain, and Reza Goravanchi work together with you to help you or your loved one recover from addiction, improving their chances of a successful outcome and a healthy life. If you live in the area of Las Vegas, NV, and want to learn more, call our office at 725-605-0310. We are open to helping patients over the age of 45 with their emotional and physical needs to improve their quality of life after a diagnosis of mental health or wellness concerns.

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